10 Best Resignations of All Time

This CBS News screen capture shows American President Richard Nixon reading his resignation speech on TV in 1974, in light of the Watergate scandal. What are some other memorable resignations? CBS Photo Archive/Getty Images

"Take this job and shove it" — the six most satisfying words in the English language. Oh, how you've dreamed of saying those very words — or more colorful ones — to every coffee-breath boss and brain-dead manager who's ever made your working life a living hell. But like most of us, you probably left those jobs with a kindly worded resignation letter, too afraid of "burning bridges" to let your cruel overlords know how you really feel.

The following 10 former employees showed no such restraint. Apparently, bridge burning is one of their favorite hobbies, right after boss-cursing, celebratory public dancing and videotaping the evidence. Every month, more than 2 million Americans quit their jobs, but only a select few of them do so with enough style to make our list [source: AP].