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How the African Diamond Trade Works

Africa produces around 60 percent of the world's diamonds, but a few of those are mined illegally, with the profits going to fund terror and violence. How can it be stopped?

Can tax rebates really prevent an economic downturn?

Tax rebates are one trick lawmakers and economists use to prevent a recession. But do they knock the economy back on track or merely delay the inevitable?

Do special interest groups hurt candidates?

Some special interest groups exist solely to level negative attacks at political candidates. How do these groups work? And can they be stopped?

How Campaign Finance Works

Presidential candidates could raise as much as a billion dollars for the 2012 election. Where does this money come from -- and where does it all go?

12 WPA Projects that Still Exist

WPA projects spanned from New York to California, and many still exist today. Find out about 12 WPA projects that can still be found, including Doubleday Field and Camp David.

14 of the New Deals Alphabet Agencies

The government's Alphabet Agencies were created during the Great Depression to relieve the economic tensions. Learn about these Alphabet Agencies, including the Civilian Conservation Corps and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.

How Labor Unions Work

They may seem "old school," but labor unions still play a large role in many professions. Learn about the history and current state of labor unions.

How Strikes Work

While the reasons behind strikes can be complex, they all boil down to two key elements: money and power. In this article, we'll explain labor unions' role in worker strikes, investigate U.S. labor laws and more.

What is the difference between soft money and hard money campaign donations?

Campaign contributions are divided into "soft money and "hard money." What do these terms mean, exactly? And why has there been such a political outcry about this campaign donations in recent years?

How much does the U.S. president get paid?

While compensation for the U.S. president is very generous when compared with the average American's salary, these men likely didn't get elected to office with the goal of getting rich. So how much does he get paid?