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Work Life

The Work Life channel describes issues most of us face on the job. Explore work life issues from the dirtiest jobs to the executive suite.

How to Deal With a Micromanager

Having to deal with a micromanager who watches your every move and points out your every mistake is difficult. Learn about how to deal with a micromanager in this article.

Helping Co-workers in the Morning May Make You More Selfish Later

Not only is helping colleagues mentally draining, but it can also promote self-serving behaviors, a new study shows.

Teachers' Resignation Letters Going Viral. Maybe That's Not All Bad

Eight percent of U.S. teachers are quitting every year. Some of them are communicating exactly why they're quitting via online resignation letters that we can learn from.

Futurists Envision 3-D-Printed Food, Boss Holograms in 2030 Workplace

And did we mention the foldable computers? Or the auto-inflate beanbag chairs? Or the smart fridge that may finally prevent you from stealing your co-worker's food?

The Strong Bias Against Women in Coding

Female coders' work is less accepted than male coders' even though it may be better, according to a new study. Women coders we spoke with agreed.

Life on Leave: What Does It Really Mean to Be "Off"?

Mark Zuckerberg says he's taking two months off to be home with his newborn. What does that really mean in our wireless world?

Think Your Boss Is Moody? At Least You Don't Work for a Cat

Publicity stunt? Sure. Adorable? Oh yeah. After an extensive hunt for a new manager, this Romanian Internet startup ended up hiring a cat named Boss.

Sarcasm Is Good for the Office. Yeah, Right.

Study shows sarcastic remarks can help creativity. But not everyone agrees.

10 Rules for Surviving Your Open Plan Office

Right now, John's constant phone calls and Rachel's potato-chip crunching are driving you crazy. And you don't have a door to shut. Although unpopular with most employees, open offices appear to be here to stay. Here's how to survive yours.

Does having fun at work make you look bad?

Working adults spend more waking hours in the workplace than anywhere else — you can't blame them for wanting to inject a little fun into their workdays. Do workplace laughs actually make you a better employee?

Does any one industry have the happiest employees?

Can you boost your odds of happiness simply by choosing the right industry, or is there a better path to workplace satisfaction?