How to Get A Barber's License

Believe it or not, the barber who has been shaving, cutting and grooming you for the past who-knows-how-many years is a licensed professional. Barbers are required -- by state law -- to obtain training and licensing to legally work in a barber shop. If you'd like to become a barber, read the tips listed below and learn about how you can get your barber's license.

  1. Education The first step to becoming a licensed and successful barber is to receive an education. You must complete a minimum of 1500 hours of study before you can graduate from barber school. Look online to find a find a barber school and make an appointment with an admissions counselor [source: Campbell].
  2. Testing Depending on where you live, your state will most likely require you to take a written and hands-on examination to prove your proficiency and demonstrate your skills. Contact your state's Department of Labor to find out how you can apply to take the examination [source: Michigan].
  3. Fees Contact your state's Department of Labor or the administration at your barber school to discuss testing and annual fees. These depend on what type of examination you want to take, e.g. barber, instructor, etc., and what license you hold [source: Michigan].
  4. Licensure Application Upon passing the exams and paying the fees, you may apply for your barber's license through your state's Department of Labor. You will receive a photo identification card and a wall license that you can hang in your place of business [source: Michigan].