How to Get Your Certified Nursing Assistant Renewal Certification

Two nurses holding a tablet.
CNAs are usually supervised by a nurse, carrying out duties assigned to them. Solskin / Getty Images

As the elderly population grows, so does the need for qualified caregivers. Certified Nursing Assistants, commonly referred to as CNAs, provide hands-on care to those who can't bathe, dress, feed and toilet themselves. CNAs are usually supervised by a nurse, carrying out duties that a nurse assigns them. Most states require CNAs to take a training class and to be certified. Before you can be certified, you must pass a written and clinical test. In most states your certification is valid for two years, after which it must be renewed. It's therefore important to know how to go about renewing your certificate. So here we go.

  • You must renew you certification prior to the expiration date. It's advisable to renew it a month in advance, as it can take up to three weeks for the renewal to be issued.
  • You must prove that you have worked as a CNA during the last two years for the minimum number of hours set forth by your state's Nursing Aide Registry. However, you don't have to be currently employed.
  • You must take the certification exam again if you have not worked as a CNA in the past two years.
  • You must get a renewal application from the Nursing Aide Registry office. Carefully fill out the first section, making sure you answer all the questions. The second section must be filled out by your most recent employer.
  • You must mail the application form, renewal fee and any documents requested, to the address specified on the form.
  • You may be required to take the certification exam over again if you fail to renew your license on time.
  • You may be able to track your application's status online, if your state's Nursing Aide Registry office has a website.

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CNA License Renewal FAQ

How much is it to renew a CNA license?
There is no fee for renewing a CNA license.
How often does a CNA have to get recertified?
CNA certification lasts for two years. It is renewable when you submit a renewal form – the only requirement is that you have maintained employment during that period.
How long can your CNA license be expired?
CNAs credentials are valid for some time, around two years after they are issued. To continue your job as a CNA, you must renew your license before the credential’s expiration. After expiration date, the process for CNA renewal is lengthier and more time-consuming.
How long does it take to be a CNA nurse?
Usually, most CNA programs take somewhere between four to 12 weeks. It is divided into clinical practice and instructional hours. A 120-hour program spread over 1.5 months can include one month in class and two weeks in a clinical setting.
How much do CNAs get paid in hospitals?
As of 2021, the average hourly pay for a nurse in the U.S. is $17.61 per hour. Higher wages can include $32.45 and lower ones can include $8.65.