10 Most Common Questions About Taxes

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What You Can Do Now to Get the Most from the New Tax Law

What You Can Do Now to Get the Most from the New Tax Law

The most sweeping tax overhaul in decades became law in December 2017. HowStuffWorks explains what taxpayers can do to benefit from the tax changes.

Author's Note: 10 Most Common Tax Questions

Taxes are a blessing in disguise. Yes, we all cringe when we see the minus signs on our paycheck or watch with horror as the TurboTax "federal tax due" ticker goes up and up and up. But paying taxes forces me to care about what federal and state governments are doing with my hard-earned money. It makes me pay attention to budget debates and vote for candidates whose priorities align most closely with mine. In short, paying taxes makes me a more active participant in this thing called a democracy. Thank you, IRS. (Yuck, did I really just say that?)

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