10 Most Common Questions About Taxes

As you struggle with the overflowing paperwork, you may have a number of tax questions. We answer the most common ones. See more "Tax Day Crazy" pictures. DreamPictures/Digital Vision/Getty Images

Taxes are fraught with confusion and frustration. If the IRS decided to publish a book of frequently asked questions, it would rival the 4 million words of the U.S. tax code itself. We've assembled the 10 most common questions that every American asks about taxes, including, Why do we even pay taxes in the first place? Where does our tax money go? And what happens if we don't pay them? (Hint: bad things.)

If you can't find an answer to your tax questions here, just scrawl them across the top of your 1040 in red ink and ALL CAPS. We're sure the IRS — or the FBI — will get right back to you.