Planning for College

Attending college requires careful planning in order to ensure you enroll properly, and have your tuition payments in order. These articles will help explain everything from the admission process to financial aid.

Topics to Explore

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How College Admissions Tests Work

During the admissions process, many colleges use a standardized test, such as the SAT or ACT, to measure how well students will perform academically. What are your options, and how can you prepare if you opt to take a test?

How Financial Aid for National and Community Service Works

Giving back your time through community or public service work might do more than benefit your neighborhood -- you could earn financial benefits. What opportunities are available for people in your stage of life?

How Financial Aid for Study Abroad Works

Studying abroad can be one of the most rewarding experiences in a person's life -- too bad it costs a fortune. How can scholarships and grants help you explore other countries, cultures and people all while studying for college credit?

What should be on my college packing list?

Packing for college can be stressful, especially if you're moving into the dorms for the first time. Chances are you're away from home for the first time, and you'll be taking care of yourself. What are the essentials for the college living experience?

How Financial Aid for Veterans Works

The United States government has several programs in place to assist veterans seeking higher education. All these ex-soldiers have to do is apply and meet certain criteria.

Do college admissions officers value students who speak more than one language?

Hablas espanol? Parlez-vous francais? Sie sprechen Deutsch? If you answered "si," "oui" or "ja," your college application might stand out a little more from the rest of the applicant pile.

How FAFSA Follow-up Works

In addition to completing the FAFSA as early as possible, it's crucial that you follow up on it diligently and expediently. Not doing so can crush your plans for getting the education you're depending on.

How Accelerated Law School Programs Work

Sure, it'd be nice to make the kind of money lawyers do, but think of the time it takes to get through law school. Can you really earn a quality law degree in just two years?

What's the Difference Between Subsidized and Unsubsidized Student Loans?

Getting that college acceptance letter in the mail is exciting, but nothing can bring you down faster than navigating the student loan labyrinth. Knowing the difference between subsidized and unsubsidized loans is only the first step.

How the FAFSA Works

Getting into college sure is exciting -- until you start figuring out how to pay for it. Your financial aid journey begins with the Free Application for Federal Student Aid; college students know this fearsome form as the FAFSA.

How Executive MBA Programs Work

The average student in an executive MBA already has extensive work experience and a stellar salary. Why would a successful executive go back to school?

How Financial Aid for Trade School Works

Scholarships and grants aren't just for college students. If you need aid for trade school education, there are plenty of places to apply for financial assistance.

How Student Loans Work

Getting into college is the highlight of many young people's lives. Dealing with student loans, however, can be quite nightmarish. How to you get -- and repay -- a student loan?

How Vocational Financial Aid Works

Education doesn't come for free, but it's well worth the cost, particularly if you're able to finance some or part of it through grants and scholarships. How can you get help to pay for vocational school?

How Financial Aid for Students with Disabilities Works

College students have a lot to think about when paying for school. But students with disabilities have a lot of extra things to consider that add up in the long run. What kinds of special financial opportunities are available?

What's the format for a letter of recommendation?

Your letter of recommendation may mean the difference between acceptance and rejection for someone else. So give it some credibility by writing it in the accepted format.

What's the difference between early decision and early action?

If you're interested in a college, but not interested enough to sign a contract that binds you to attending that school if you're accepted, then you might consider an alternative to early decision: early action. How does it work?

How Financial Aid Appeal Letters Work

There are many reasons to have your request for financial aid declined. But you can appeal the school's decision. What can you say in your letter to convince administrators to reconsider your case?

How Financial Aid for Part-Time Students Works

A four-year degree can help boost your career and your salary, but everyone can't go full-time. How can you pay for your college education if you're only going part-time?

Where can I find a list of college admissions essay questions?

Getting everything in order for college applications can be stressful, so many prospective students look for all the help they can get.

How MBA Programs Work

The land of opportunity is also the land of entrepreneurship, the striving businessperson and, consequently, the business student. Are you looking to add those three expensive letters to your academic credentials?

How Medical School Admissions Work

Everyone knows that if you want to become a doctor, you must go to medical school first. But first you have to go through the admissions process, which is challenging itself.

How Ivy League Admissions Work

The Ivy League may have started out as an athletic consortium, but the name is now synonymous with academic rigor, professional achievement and exclusivity. How do you get in? Start here.

How Qualifying For Financial Aid Works

Paying for college is getting more and more expensive, so a helping hand in the form of aid can ease any strain. How do you know if you qualify for financial aid, and which types should you consider?

Is financial aid taxable?

You might be happy about that scholarship or fellowship you just got, but don't jump for joy just yet -- you may have to pay a portion of that money back to the government. Do you owe Uncle Sam part of your financial aid package? Find out here.