Planning for College

Attending college requires careful planning in order to ensure you enroll properly, and have your tuition payments in order. These articles will help explain everything from the admission process to financial aid.

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What's the difference between financial aid and a grant?

Before you can even begin to tackle all the challenges college has in store, you first have to figure out how to pay for it. That's where financial aid can come in handy. But what's the difference between loans and grants, and which is right for you?

How can low-income students attend Ivy League colleges for free?

A four-year degree at an Ivy League school runs a couple hundred grand, give or take. Fortunately, the Ivies have some great financial aid programs for low-income students -- you might even be surprised by what "low-income" means these days.

How Federal Financial Aid Organizations Work

As the average cost of tuition for college education gets more expensive, many students remain concerned about paying the price. Luckily, the U.S. government offers a wide variety of financial aid organizations to prospective students in need.

How Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants Work

As it gets increasingly difficult for students to pay for college, it helps to know every possible option for financial aid. If your need is exceptional, you can consider a Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant, which helps out with expenses not covered by other grants or loans.

How Financial Aid for Joint Degree Programs Works

If you'd like to link your interest in law with your interest in the environment, you might consider a joint degree. But you'll need to jump through some hoops to finance it.

How the DAT Works

There are people out there who don't fear dental work. They're called dentists, and all of those practicing in the United States took the Dental Admission Exam, or DAT. What does the DAT test?

How Private Grants Work

Private grants are a great way to help you finance your education, but how do you find them? Is there anything special you have to do to qualify for these unusual financial gifts?

How Work-Study Programs Work

Of the many ways to get financial aid while paying for school, work-study programs offer more than just a dollar amount. They can also give students real work experience alongside an hourly wage that can go toward tuition.

Where can I find successful law school application essays?

You've taken the LSAT, sent off your college transcripts and filled out the required forms. You're almost done with your law school applications, but now it's time to think about your essay.

Top 10 Study Tips for the GRE

Are standardized tests the stuff of your nightmares? Find out how you can sleep easy again with these 10 tips for making the GRE less daunting.

How Postdoctoral Admissions Works

Applying for postdoctoral positions isn't like other college admissions processes. What kinds of places can you apply to, and what information will you need to submit?

How Direct Loans Work

Paying for college can be stressful for many students. Even getting loans can be hard, since you'll have to pay them back with interest. Direct loans, however, are low-interest loans funded by the U.S. government.

How Perkins Loans Work

As the first federal student loan, Perkins Loans help those with financial need afford college. How does this loan compare with others, and how did the Russian space program prompt its creation?

How Public Grants Work

Federal and local governments offer a number of grants to help college students pay for their education. Are public grants easier to get than private grants? What do you need to do to qualify and apply?

Study Tips for the GMAT

If you want to pursue graduate study in business, you'll have to take the Graduate Management Admissions Test (GMAT). You may have aced the SAT back in the day, but this test is an entirely different entity. Here are some tips to help you crack it.

How Business School Financial Aid Works

As confidence in the economy wavers, many people are looking for a way to become more marketable to employers. Business school degree is a logical step, but an MBA can come with a steep price tag. What financial aid opportunities are available for business graduate students?

Should race still be a factor in college admissions?

For decades now, U.S. college admissions counselors have used race as a factor when accepting applicants. The rules are constantly changing, though, as students, educators and leaders question whether race should still be a determining factor.

Where can I find college admissions decisions appeal letter samples?

If you've been rejected from your dream school, you may be able to reverse the decision by submitting an appeal letter. What information should you include, and what else should you send with the letter?

How Dental School Financial Aid Works

Dental school isn't cheap. On top of tuition, books and other educational expenses, many students must pay for their own instruments. How do dental school students find financial aid to help them out?

How Law School Financial Aid Works

Incomes in the six figures help most lawyers chuckle through bad law jokes no problem. But actually paying for law school is no laughing matter. If you're determined to become a lawyer, how do you do it?

How Financial Aid for AmeriCorps Works

Members of AmeriCorps, a federally funded service program, have a chance to use financial aid toward higher education. How can you use the award once you've finished your term?

How do SAT scores affect financial aid?

Just when you thought you'd beaten the odds and gained acceptance to the college of your choice, the numbers game begins anew as you start to figure out how to pay for school. Luckily for you, your SAT score might be your ace in the hole.

What is a graduate school purpose statement?

Colleges may want well-rounded students, but graduate schools want focused ones. Your graduate school purpose statement should show admissions officers that you're ready for an advanced course of study.

How the ACT Works

The ACT is one of two major standardized tests given to high school students across the United States every year. Although it tends to take a back seat to the better known SAT, more and more would-be college students are taking the ACT.

How Financial Aid for Single Mothers Works

For single parents, going back to school can seem practically impossible. What types of "free" scholarships and grants exist for single parents, and how can you find them?