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Volunteer Information

Volunteer information is extremely helpful for those who wish to help others. There are certain risks and rewards that come with being a volunteer so check out these articles from HowStuffWorks to make sure you have all the necessary volunteer information

Register for Toys for Tots, and make the holidays a time your children will never forget. Learn about how to register for Toys for Tots in this article.

Can you be a professional volunteer?

Say you want to dedicate your life to public service. It's a noble path to take, but there are practical considerations. How will you pay for rent and food? Can you build a career on volunteerism?

Did women volunteers serve in World War II?

Throughout most of history, dominant opinion held that women and war don't mix. But when men were summoned overseas to the front lines during World War II, who stepped up to serve the armed forces at home?

How Volunteer Recruitment Works

Whether you're running a political campaign, cleaning up the community or promoting an independent film, volunteerism is a truly awesome tool to have at your disposal.

How Missionaries Work

Missionary work in the 19th century struggled to reconcile colonialism and Christianity. Today, missionaries provide as much aid as they do religious guidance -- and they represent more religions, too.

What is citizen science?

Average citizens are getting involved in the scientific process every day by participating in citizen science, a movement in which volunteers are helping professional scientists collect and analyze data.

How Volunteer Armies Works

The evolution of warfare has closely shadowed the technological ascent of man. Some sort of army or similar notion has marched side by side with us across the millennia. But how do you fill an army's ranks?

What are the best reasons to volunteer?

Probably the best reason of all -- and the most popular -- for volunteering is to help others by making a difference and giving back to your community. But what are some of the other best reasons to volunteer?

Where can I volunteer if I'm handicapped?

There are many volunteer opportunities to help those who are handicapped, but what if you are handicapped and you want to be the one volunteering to help others?

Should volunteer coaches have liability insurance?

You've decided to coach your niece's after-school soccer team. The next day you read about a volunteer coach who is being sued by some parents. Does that mean you need liability insurance before you start coaching?