Do you want to volunteer your time to a worthy cause? When you're going to volunteer you should look for a charity whose cause is close to your heart. Read these volunteer articles to get informed.

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Can a foreigner volunteer in the USA?

While working in the United States can be difficult for a foreigner, volunteering is usually pretty simple. Forget the hassle of work visas. As long as you aren't being compensated for your volunteer work, you shouldn't need one.

How Volunteer Vacations Work

Feelings of guilt at spending an armful of money for a holiday when others are struggling financially can ultimately rob you of the rewards of your respite. One way to ensure you have a good time -- guilt-free -- is to plan a volunteer vacation.

How National Volunteer Week Works

Every year, 62 million Americans volunteer at schools, hospices, community centers and homeless shelters. All of these people deserve a collective pat on the back, which they get during National Volunteer Week in April.

How to Start a Non-Profit Organization

So, are you finally ready to quit the 9-to-5 corporate grind and save the world? Here's all you need to know about starting your own nonprofit organization.