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Types of Financial Aid

There are many different types of financial aid, and choosing the right type can be confusing. This section will explain some of the most common kinds of student financial aid.

How Financial Aid for Veterans Works

The United States government has several programs in place to assist veterans seeking higher education. All these ex-soldiers have to do is apply and meet certain criteria.

How Rhodes Scholarships Work

Rhodes Scholarships pay for post-graduate work at the University of Oxford. Learn about Rhodes Scholarships in this article from HowStuffWorks. See more »

How Fulbright Scholarships Work

Fulbright Scholarships help students pursue research abroad in hopes of boosting international understanding. Learn about Fulbright Scholarships. See more »

How State Financial Aid Organizations Work

State financial aid organizations are explained in this article from HowStuffWorks. Learn about state financial aid organizations. See more »

How Postdoctoral Financial Aid Works

Postdoctoral financial aid is a way for future doctors to pay for their education and training. Learn about postdoctoral financial aid. See more »

How Stafford Loans Work

Stafford loans are a way to finance the difference between your school's tuition and the amount you can add toward your own education. Learn about Stafford loans. See more »

How PLUS Loans Work

PLUS loans are federally subsidized loans taken out by parents of college students. Learn more about PLUS loans in this article from HowStuffWorks. See more »

How the HOPE Scholarship Works

The HOPE Scholarship is intended to reward academic achievement and retain in-state talent. Learn about Georgia's HOPE Scholarship program. See more »

How Financial Aid for ROTC Works

Financial aid for ROTC helps students cover college costs while getting military training. Learn about financial aid for ROTC. See more »

What's the difference between financial aid and a grant?

Financial aid and a grant are two different types of payments for college tuition. Learn about the different between financial aid and a grant. See more »

How Federal Financial Aid Organizations Work

Federal financial aid organizations offer a wide variety of financial aid to students. Learn about federal financial aid organizations. See more »