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How the Rolling Jubilee Works

By: Dave Roos

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Author's Note: How the Rolling Jubilee Works

Rolling Jubilee is a project of Strike Debt, an offshoot of the Occupy Wall Street movement. While researching this article, I visited the organization's Tumblr page called Why Strike Debt. It's an open forum for individuals to share their stories about the destructiveness of debt. If you think that debt forgiveness is unfair to those who pay back their debts on time, read some of these people's stories. They are stories of people who sought out an education only to graduate into a recession. They are people who suffered car accidents and have medical pills that would take them a lifetime to repay. They are families whose mortgages are so deeply underwater that they have no choice but to walk away. Financial responsibility is important, but we need to make sure that the credit system isn't rigged for failure. While I don't think that Rolling Jubilee will solve the credit crisis, I welcome its voice into the conversation.

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