Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer opportunities exist everywhere and finding the right volunteer opportunity for you can make all the difference. Check out these articles from HowStuffWorks to learn about some interesting volunteer opportunities.

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If you're interested in taking your curiosity about "CSI" and criminal justice to the next level, you don't have to make a complete career change. You can volunteer at your local police station.

By Libby Little

Volunteer work may not make you rich, but it pays you back in so many ways. And teens can get in on the action, too - volunteering looks great on college applications and also lays a foundation for a lifetime of giving.

By Eleanor Duse

Working as a volunteer emergency medical technician (EMT) can be rewarding and exhilarating. Not only do you get to help people in need, but you also get to give back to your community.

By Cordelia Hamilton


Difficult times come to most everyone, and in many cases -- whether you know it or not -- a hotline is standing by to help.

By Eleanor Duse

Hear the words "Salvation Army" and you'll likely imagine a person standing outside a local store with a bell and a bright red bucket. The bell is to get your attention. The bucket is to receive your donation. But where does that money go?

By Libby Little

Take out a world map. Pin it to the wall. Throw a dart. That's where you can volunteer to teach English: anywhere you want. Any country, any continent.

By Sarah Siddons