10 Signs the Economy Is Improving


Economists Say It’s Improving

Economists see a bright future for the U.S. economy -- and the masses tend to follow the experts.
Economists see a bright future for the U.S. economy -- and the masses tend to follow the experts.
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In early 2011, economists noted that the chances of a double-dip recession were slim, and that the economy seemed to be gaining strength on its own merits, not on the back of government stimulus. The majority of economists surveyed felt that, despite weak areas, the U.S. economy was poised for modest growth [source: Izzo].

Why do we care what economists think? With the economy, perception is almost as important as reality. Whether or not someone invests in your business or builds a factory in your country is based largely on how they perceive the strength of your economy. Rosy projections by economists won't fix a troubled economy, but they help encourage investors when the economy is going through a genuine recovery.

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