Planning for College

Attending college requires careful planning in order to ensure you enroll properly, and have your tuition payments in order. These articles will help explain everything from the admission process to financial aid.

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How Financial Aid Calculators Work

There are a lot of costs associated with getting your academic degree, and many people need financial assistance. But how do you determine just how much money you'll need before you're through?

How Early Decision Affects Financial Aid

If you apply early decision, you might increase the likelihood that you'll be accepted into your dream college. But will you hurt your chances to receive financial aid?

Top 5 Tips For Applying For Financial Aid

With the cost of higher education rising, many students find themselves in need of financial aid. Though there are no sure bets, there are some things you can do to improve your chances of winning an award.

What are some of the top MBA programs?

For many students, higher education doesn't stop at an undergraduate degree. Post-graduate programs are plentiful, and one of the most popular graduate degrees is the MBA. But where should you go to get it?

What's the importance of campus visits in college admissions?

Picking the right college is about more than just academics. Everything from the dining hall's menu to the cleanliness of your dorm affects your experience. To get a taste of co-ed life, you'll have to visit the campus.

How Scholarships Work

A scholarship is a gift of money that funds your college education. You don't have to be a star football player or straight-A student to get one, but you do need some scholarship savvy. Consider this your crash course in securing cash for college.

How Pell Grants Work

Most college students have to worry about paying for classes, books, food, and rent. They have to work jobs, study to keep their grades up, and show up for classes on time. So the government began offering Pell Grants to students in need.

How College Rankings Work

Of all the metrics used to compare colleges, rankings are the most common. Learn about the controversy behind them and how best to evaluate schools.

What if I have twins and need to send them to college?

Two kids in college at the same time? Yikes, right? People are managing it today, but what will it be like 15 years from now, especially knowing scholarships and financial aid may only go so far?

How 529 Plans Work

Do you need money for your children's college education? Open a 529 plan and start saving while you still have the time.

How Online Degrees Work

Is higher education ready to enter the digital age? Many people think so -- more and more colleges and universities are offering online classes and even full degrees.

How College Admission Works

Many teenagers spend the whole of their high school years making sure they get accepted to their dream college. How does the college admission process work? And how can you increase your chances of getting accepted to your school of choice?

How College Financial Aid Works

There's a lot of assistance out there -- the school you've worked toward is within your reach. Find out about getting money for college.

How SATs Work

Next to your grades and academic record, the SAT is one of the most important factors in college admissions. This new article explains the SAT in detail!