5 Unbelievable Employee Benefits That Really Exist

The same old benefit offerings don't cut it any longer.

There used to be a time when employers called all the shots. They'd offer you a job, toss in some vacation time -- maybe even health insurance and retirement assistance if you were lucky -- and that was that. You'd gratefully accept it and work there forever. That doesn't cut it any longer. Today's workers are more selective about their jobs, and certainly don't hesitate to look around for better deals. So employers have responded by coming up with ever more creative, desirable benefits that might make an employee pause before polishing up his or her resume.

High-tech companies in particular are pioneers in this regard. Staffed largely by young workers who work hard and play hard, high-tech employers began offering perks like free meals, on-site gyms and laundry facilities to attract and retain talented employees. It worked, and spurred on other companies, like the ones on this list, to follow suit -- and see if they could top what's out there.