10 Helpful Tax Lessons for Kids


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Look kids, isn't that child tax credit great?! © Mareen Fischinger/Westend61/Corbis
Look kids, isn't that child tax credit great?! © Mareen Fischinger/Westend61/Corbis

The best tax lesson you can pass on to the kids? Show by example. Let them sit in on a few minutes of your tax return preparation. Give them a look at what income can be considered a tax liability and how other wages can help them move closer to a bigger refund.

And perhaps give them a real-life lesson in how tax works by asking them to divide up their money like Uncle Sam would. Ask them if it's better to put aside a little "tax" for every dollar they earn or if they would prefer getting a big bill at the end of the year. Ask them for suggestions about things they might be able to get tax "breaks" on, just like Mom and Dad get a bit back from the government for having kids or buying a house.

Author's Note: 10 Helpful Tax Lessons for Kids

It seems silly — on the surface — to think that kids would want to learn about taxes, but give the young ones some credit. They might wonder why prices are different "as advertised" than they are when they're rung up on the register, for instance. While it might be a chore for you, taxes might seem downright interesting to someone who doesn't have to file a return every year.

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