10 Ways to Make Extra Money From Home

If you're good at English and have an eye for detail, you could be proofreader. © iStockphoto.com/ Pixsooz

Skills that require little more than a computer and telephone offer lots of flexibility. Creative professions like writing, graphic design, translation and public relations all give you the option of working from home.

Freelancing offers consistent opportunities, no matter what the general job outlook. When companies are cash heavy, they have extra work that requires freelance help. When they're cash-strapped, they can't afford to hire full-timers with benefits, so they bring on more affordable freelance workers.

Here are a few freelance job options:

  • Writing, editing, and proofreading newspaper and magazine articles, Web content, books, blogs, technical manuals and corporate marketing materials
  • Graphic design --- creating brochures and other business marketing materials, Web sites, books and video game animations
  • Public relations -- writing press releases and contacting TV stations and other media outlets to get coverage for your clients
  • Translation -- translating books, business documents, audio and other materials into English or another language, and interpreting for people who speak different languages and are trying to communicate

If you're going to freelance in a creative profession, be prepared to show samples of your work. Post your articles or graphic designs on a Web site, or put together a portfolio you can quickly send to prospective freelance employers.