How to Become a Graphic Designer

Graphic designers make visual solutions for communication. Whether in print, film or electronic media, graphic designers deliver information through art. If you think you have what it takes to be a graphic designer, follow this general guide to starting a career in the field.

  1. Build a foundation in high school Graphic design requires skills that come from a wide array of knowledge. Take courses, like art history, studio art, graphic arts and website design in high school to get yourself started [source: CollegeBoard].
  2. Get a bachelor's degree Some graphic designers can land a job without a degree or any formal training. In most cases, though, it's pretty hard to become skilled enough in graphic design to make a living from it without studying at a high level [source: Education-portal]. Many colleges, universities and design schools offer various degrees in graphic design. A bachelor's degree is optimal for landing a good job, but an associate's degree or certificate may be enough to be a graphic design assistant [source: BLS].
  3. Establish a broad base of skills Demands on graphic designers can vary greatly from project to project. The best way to ensure you're always needed is to be skilled in many different areas. College level coursework in web design, photoshop, production design, typography and advertising can help you broaden your skills [source: CollegeBoard].
  4. Stay up to date The world of advertising and media changes at an incredibly rapid pace. It's imperative to keep up with trends and developments in the industry if you want a long and prosperous career in graphic design [source: BLS].