10 Ways to Make Extra Money From Home

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5 Ways to Save Money (Besides Giving Up Lattes)

5 Ways to Save Money (Besides Giving Up Lattes)

HowStuffWorks talks to financial experts to find out the best ways to save money every day. And none of their advice includes giving up Starbucks.

Author's Note: 10 Ways to Make Extra Money from Home

Having worked in newsrooms, corporate environments and a home office, I'd have to say my home office wins -- hands down. (I do have to admit newsrooms are pretty entertaining, though.) The best part of working at home is the productivity. I discovered, early on, that what used to require a week's worth of work in an office took only three days at home. And this left time to take on more work that I enjoy. I've run across reports of telecommuters getting more done for less money, and I understand the attraction. When you don't have to extend a large portion of your pay to wardrobe updates, vehicle maintenance, fuel and lunches with co-workers, there is more to go around. -- LD

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