10 Ways to Make Extra Money From Home

Teach College-Level Classes
Not all college classes are taken in person. There's a growing demand for online courses. Scott Quinn Photography/Photographer's Choice/Getty Images

As the number of online courses offered in the U.S. continues to bloom, so does the number of opportunities to work as an online college professor. Granted, you'll need to have (or put) a few basics in place, including an advanced college degree (usually a master's degree, at least) and expertise in your specialty. Pair this with good written and interpersonal skills, and you may find yourself well suited for remote instruction. This type of work requires computer skills, too. You'll often use a portal designed to communicate with students, post assignments and host classroom chats. An online college professor can expect to earn an average of $56,000 a year [source: EduChoices].

Although you'll need to be available at regular times to host classes, the rest of your schedule is up to you. You can grade papers at midnight or schedule a planning session at 5 a.m. On-campus profs may give you a hard time for "phoning it in," but in some respects, teaching an online class can be more difficult than teaching one that meets face-to-face. You'll need to extend extra effort to engage and retain students in this virtual environment. If you have a passion for teaching online, but lack a master's degree, take heart: There are an increasing number of virtual schools for K-12 students, and most require teachers to have just a bachelor's degree.

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