10 Quick Ways to Make Money

Return Stuff
If you don’t have a receipt, bring your credit card (or statements) and your best smile and see if that gets you refund anyway. Troels Graugaard/E+/Getty Images

Returning past purchases for cash is the best way to turn buyer's remorse into returner's bliss. Think about items that you bought in the past 90 days that are still sitting in their original box, still have the tags on or at least appear brand-new. Most stores will give you cash back with a receipt, or at least store credit. For details, check the individual store's return policy online.

But what if you didn't save the receipt? Returning items without a receipt is an art form unto itself. Some stores, like Wal-Mart, have lenient return policies that allow you to return items that cost less than $25 without a receipt for actual cash. Others, like Target can find the receipt for you if you show the credit card you used for the purchases. At stricter or smaller retailers, the best you can hope for is store credit. But even then, it may take some convincing.

Bring proof to back up your purchase, like credit card statements. If you don't have any hard proof, then at least bring a good attitude. Admit that you're asking a special favor and be grateful for any leeway you get. If all else fails, wait to return receipt-less items right after Christmas, when customer service departments will give you just about anything to get out of their face [source: Gordon].