10 Quick Ways to Make Money

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How Do Dollar Stores Make Money?

How Do Dollar Stores Make Money?

Dollar stores — where most items cost just a buck — always seem to make money. HowStuffWorks finds out how they do it.

Author's Note: 10 Quick Ways to Make Money

When I was fresh out of college living in my first apartment, we used to have a change jar, a big glass beer stein that one of my roommates had likely stolen from a fraternity house. Instead of leaving our loose change in our pants pockets, only to lose it in the dryers of the coin-operated laundry, we stuck in it the jar. Besides the coin-operated laundry, we had little use for change, or so we thought. One month, the 31st rolled around and we realized that we didn't have enough cash in our meager bank accounts to cover the next month's rent. In fact, we were more than $100 short. That's when one of us geniuses remembered the change jar. There's something deeply satisfying about lugging 20lbs of pennies and dimes down to the grocery store and hearing it pour out like a Vegas jackpot into the Coinstar machine. The spare change covered the rent deficit and left us with some green to spare. I'd like to say we saved it for the next month's rent fund, but we were 22 and stupid, a dangerous financial combination.

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