10 Money-saving Tips for Families


Go online.

Sites like Paperbackswap.com is a great place to save money on books.
Sites like Paperbackswap.com is a great place to save money on books.
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It comes as no surprise that online shopping has made life a lot more convenient for families. Not only does it save some valuable time (and gas and headaches) when it comes to shuttling the little ones to stores, but it's also a terrific way to find great deals for a lot of your family's needs.

First off, the coupon sites online are nearly endless. From your favorite grocery stores to your favorite brands, you can find coupons that will save you loads of money on your grocery bills. Couponmom.com, Smartsource.com, and even specific grocery stores offer online coupons that you can print out (or load directly onto the a store's preferred customer card). Online coupons can be a good way to find deals that actually match the brands and items you like, as opposed to buying random deals from a grocery store circular just because you have get fifty cents off.

Beyond food, there are some awesome sites that will find you ways to save money on just about anything. Consider sites like Swap.com, where you can find swaps in your area to trade clothes, furniture, or even books and DVDs. Too much personal contact? You can also simply join the site online, where you list the things you have to swap and the things you want in exchange. Much like eBay, you simply pay the price of shipping and receiving items. Sites like paperbackswap.com allow you to send and receive used paperbacks in the mail, only paying the postage cost of those you send.

Going online to save money is not only easy, but can be more fun than simply cutting coupons. While paying bills isn't usually a blast, read on to find out how writing checks to the electric company actually saves you money in the long-term.