10 Money-saving Tips for Families


Respect the Sale

Black Friday doorbuster deals may be worth getting up at the crack of dawn.
Black Friday doorbuster deals may be worth getting up at the crack of dawn.
Tom Pennington/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Think about the person you know who always gets the good deal. You know, the friend or family member who always seems to get all three of their kids winter coats for the price of one, or a month's supply of their favorite cereal at half the price. What magic dust do they sprinkle on store clerks and cashiers to get their deal?

The truth is, they probably just know the value of a good sale. It seems so obvious, but sales -- yes, those in-store promotions that have caused people's heart to race with glee at cheap t-shirts since the beginning of time -- are a must-do for families.

Consider clothing shopping. Retailers like Macy's and JCPenney offer fairly regular sales that span clothing for men, women, and kids, along with home store items. Sales are awesome enough, but get on the mailing lists for promotional coupons from these stores and you could be adding discounts on top of discounts, as you apply the coupons to sale items.

Remember that days like Black Friday (the day following Thanksgiving) loom large in shopper's minds for a reason; the early-bird specials truly are great deals. Not so into getting up at 4 A.M for those prices? Consider a little trick that has been known to work at some stores that offer price matches: buy the item a few days before the big sale, then return it on the sale day, to get the price adjustment. Some stores won't honor the sales price, but you'd be surprised to know how many do.

If that makes you feel guilty about being a bad person, read on for ways to save money as a family while being a "preferred" customer.