Most people spend anywhere from 20 to 80 hours every week on the job. That's a huge chunk of your time -- so it's a good idea to know what's going on in the world of work.

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How Office Politics Work

As an individualist, you've got a style all your own. You work hard and put in long hours at the office. But is all this going to waste if you don't play office politics?

10 High-paying Dirty Jobs

These jobs probably weren't on your list of what you wanted to be when you grew up. But now that you're in the rat race, you may wonder if a dirty job is more profitable than your desk jockey career.

Does where you live determine how often you call in sick?

When you've got a tickle in your throat, you've got two options: Suck it up and head for the coffee pot, or roll over and call the boss. But why do workers in certain places so often choose the latter?

How Death by Cubicle Works

Some days, we'd all rather swallow staples than sit at our desks and stare at a computer screen. But beyond the boredom, is your job literally making you sick?

Should doctors change the Hippocratic Oath?

Our society puts a lot of stock in antiquity. But if doctors abided by the original Hippocratic Oath, surgery wouldn't be an option and medical school would be free. Is it time for an update to the oath?

10 Telecommuting Careers That Can Make You Rich

Proof that we're living in the incredible future: We can conduct serious business in our pajamas. Which work-from-home jobs are the most lucrative?

3 Tips For Hiding Your Computer Screen at Work

Hiding your computer screen at work can help protect your privacy. Check out this article to learn great tips for hiding your computer screen at work.

How Information Technology Works

Information technology applies to a number of different careers and fields. Learn more about information technology in this article.

How Paperless Offices Work

Eliminating paper can provide space, lower storage costs, and improved access to information. Find out how paperless offices work in this article.

Is swearing at work a good thing?

In general, the office is a pretty civil place. But researchers are saying that every once in a while, maybe you should drop some dirty words. What the heck?

How the Peter Principle Works

According to the Peter Principle, some organizations encourage a hierarchy of incompetence by rewarding those who excel in their current jobs with positions that might exceed their field of expertise.

9 Youngest in Their Fields

You're never too young to be the best. The young people listed here have achieved more in their short years than most adults who are twice their age. Read about the 9 youngest at the top of their fields, including Tatum O'Neal and Michelle Wie.

10 Most Dangerous Jobs in America

Next time you're bored at work, remember you could be doing a job that is life-threatening. Learn about the 10 most dangerous jobs in America, including being a logger, roofer, or farmer.

18 Public Speaking Tips

Public speaking makes a lot of people nervous, but there's no need to be if you're prepared. Start by reading our list of 18 tips for public speaking, which includes tips such as staying sober and knowing your material.

How Private Investigators Work

Thanks to books, movies and TV shows, many people have a clear mental image of the stereotypical private investigator. Separate fact from fiction and find out exactly what a private investigator does.

How Human Networking Works

Keith Ferrazzi is the author of the national-bestselling book "Never Eat Alone: And Other Secrets to Success, One Relationship at a Time." The CEO and Founder of Ferrazzi Greenlight, he wants to teach you how to network.

How Catering Works

It's hard to pull off a dressy affair without calling in the caterers. In most cases, a formal event lives and dies by the talent and toil of these service professionals. Learn all about the world of catering.

How Virtual Offices Work

More and more people are working out of offices far away from their parent company. Why might this be a good idea, and what does it take to set up a virtual office? Read on to find out.

How Freelance Magazine Writing Works

Ever have a great story idea? Ever consider writing it up? Getting published in a magazine is not as hard as you may think. Find out what it takes to get paid by the word.