10 Best Volunteer Activities in Retirement


Political Campaigns

Baby boomers are no strangers to activism, having participated in the Civil Rights Movement, advocated for the Equal Rights Amendment, marched in countless Vietnam and Gulf War and "No Nukes" protests, and contributed to thousands of lesser-known causes along the way. So many retirees will probably feel right at home volunteering for a political campaign, grassroots organization, or political action committee for a candidate or cause they believe in.

No matter where you fall on the political spectrum, you'll have no trouble finding a campaign eager to put you to work knocking on doors, calling voters, circulating petitions, or leading rallies for or against a given issue. Even local candidates typically have Web sites listing the volunteer opportunities within their campaigns, and national Web sites such as idealist.org and Volunteer Match can help you find other causes and individuals that resonate with your beliefs [sources: idealist.org, Volunteer Match].