10 Second Career Ideas for Retirees



Some people spend their entire working life cooped up in a cubicle, stuck in a lonely lab or snapping together widgets on a faceless assembly line. When retirement finally arrives, they are ready to escape solitary confinement and find a second career that lets them actually interact with other humans and maybe even make them smile.

Bartending is a second career that's a good match for sociable retirees. All it takes is a quick course at a bartending school and you're ready to sling drinks and make small talk at bars, restaurants, nightclubs and anywhere else where folks are looking to unwind. Tending bar doesn't have to be a young person's game. The main criteria are a good memory for drink recipes, an equally good memory for people's favorite drinks, a warm personality and the ability to listen [source: Boswell].

As a retiree, you can take advantage of second careers that didn't even exist when you were starting out, like blogging. Learn more on the next page.