10 Second Career Ideas for Retirees


Health care

Health care and social assistance is by far the fastest growing job sector in America [source: Bureau of Labor Statistics]. As with education, health care is another tremendously rewarding career with lots of human interaction and hands-on care. Aging Baby Boomers will soon require more specialized medical assistance -- nutritionists, physical therapists, speech pathologists and other professionals -- and there is a growing need for individuals certified to offer home health nursing care. Home health aides and nurses can assist the elderly with daily household tasks and also provide help for families with special needs children [source: Hannon].

If you're considering a second career in the healthcare industry, you will probably need to go back to school for a medical assistant degree, a home health nursing degree, or a master's degree in a specialization like physical therapy or speech pathology.

Next we'll look at some great second career idea for retirees with accounting experience.