10 Second Career Ideas for Retirees



Many retirees have spent their careers working in high-stress corporate environments where sales figures, earnings and profit are the chief concerns, if not the only ones. If you're considering a late career change to a more personally fulfilling job, you don't need to leave behind all of the skills that served you so well in the corporate realm. Nonprofit organizations need seasoned executives and managers who are ready to use their leadership abilities to serve society rather than just sell it something.

A recent survey by a San Francisco nonprofit called Civic Ventures found that 58 percent of Baby Boomers want a second career that serves their community [source: Mattioli]. Nonprofit organizations come in all stripes, from charitable relief organizations to foundations that promote children's literacy, support the arts and sciences or help craft sustainable energy policy. Search for a nonprofit organization that matches your personal passion and trade the stress of the corner office for the satisfaction of contributing to positive change. Plus, you might find that 40-hour weeks (instead of 60 or 70) leave time for those things called hobbies.

Next, let's look at another great second career option for retirees: education.