10 Business Ideas for Retired Couples



The beauty of writing is that it can be done anywhere, anytime.
The beauty of writing is that it can be done anywhere, anytime.
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"Write about what you know." Stick to this advice from Mark Twain, and retirees may never run out of topics on which to give their thoughts via pen or keyboard. Baby boomers who have been in a particular career field or industry for a long time likely have good stories and valuable advice to share, while others may want to focus on hobbies like traveling, hiking or poker playing. Just about anything -- careers, politics, retirement itself -- is bound to be of interest to a segment of readers out there. Forget about being chained to a desk; Web writers can contribute from anywhere: the beach, the couch or from the playground with the grandkids. All you need is a computer (or smartphone) and an Internet connection.

Aspiring writers seek opportunities to contribute to existing Web sites that they read often (like this one!) or create their own site or blog, which is simply a type of Web site that primarily focuses on commentary and links to stories of interest from other outlets. The format lends itself to couples with shared passions who can shape their own site and maintain complete control over the content of the blog.

Existing blog sites often pay contributing writers a flat fee, while others compensate per word or based on how many times the article they've written is viewed. Bloggers going into business for themselves can earn money with advertisements, either designing their own ads and charging accordingly or by signing up for ad services through companies like Google, which pay a small fee based on how many times someone clicks on the ad being shown.