10 Jobs for Retired Couples

Many couples find fulfilling second careers together after they retire.
Many couples find fulfilling second careers together after they retire.
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For some couples, retirement means well-deserved relaxation, travel and time to pursue hobbies. Others prefer to find a new job or open their own business. Whether it's for extra income or just to stay active, working together is a great way for baby boomers to reconnect as a couple.

The best two-person job is the one that draws on the skills of both partners. If one has an artistic eye and the other is a computer buff, a high-tech graphic design business might be right. If you are a great chef and your spouse a stellar organizer, a catering operation might be ideal. Look for flexible hours or a seasonal schedule in order to have some free time.

Working together is not for every retired couple. Being thrown together in a new career can strain a relationship. Take an honest appraisal of how you feel about it. That goes double if you're starting a business together. Can you balance your marriage with your work relationship? Can you keep personal feelings out of business decisions? Do you communicate well?

A last thing to keep in mind is your appetite for risk. Do you want to sink your nest egg into a new business? Look at the start-up cost of the career you're considering. You might want to choose a business you can get up and running relatively cheaply.

Read on to learn about some of the best jobs retired couples can enjoy together.