5 At-home Jobs for Retirees

Want to make a little extra money during retirement while working at home? See more retirement pictures.

Re-entering the workforce years into retirement and during a difficult economy can be intimidating. It might seem all the more challenging for retirees who want to work from home -- whether for convenience or necessity. And if that isn't hard enough, retirees have to be wary of the seemingly ubiquitous advertisements for work-at-home jobs. These can actually turn out to be scams seeking to cheat unsuspecting people.

The good news is that legitimate at-home jobs do exist. You just have to know what to look for -- and what to avoid. On the next few pages, we'll discuss some job ideas you might want to explore. But first, you should know to avoid supposed "work-at-home jobs" that don't describe the work you'll be doing or ask you to pay a fee (even for a starter handbook). Also, don't fall for promises of large salaries for little work.

One issue to consider is Social Security, which you might be able to continue collecting, depending on how much income you're making. Also, because so many at-home jobs revolve around the computer, you should evaluate your computer literacy and tailor your job search to fit your skills.