10 Business Ideas for Retired Couples


Online Jurors

Just because they never went to law school or the police academy doesn't mean that retired couples can't try on their real-life crime sleuthing caps. Online juror jobs allow them to even do it without leaving the house. Companies such as eJury, Online Verdict and Jury Test pay people to sit on mock juries and give attorneys and other jury consultants feedback on cases they're handling.

At eJury, prospective jurors register with the company through its Web site, must have a clean criminal record, "be of sound mind and good moral character" and not be employed in the legal field. When a new case comes in, the facts from the perspectives of each party, jury questions that would be used at trial and personal questions designed to obtain additional feedback are posted to the site. Registered eJurors in the particular county are then notified by e-mail that a new case has been posted. Once the minimum number of verdicts have been rendered (usually 50), the case automatically concludes, and a case summary is posted later for those interested in seeing the results. eJurors are paid from $5 to $10 for their input, depending on the length of the case [source: eJury].