10 Common Miscellaneous Expense Deductions

Computer Depreciation
If your computer is used exclusively for work, you may be in for a write-off. Christopher Robbins/Digital Vision/ThinkStock

We all want to deduct the cost of our computers because we all totally use them to check our work email accounts, right? Surely that counts as work!

Wishful thinking, perhaps. But if you meet certain requirements, it's a terrific idea to write off your computer. Do note that unless you meet some pretty strict rules (i.e., your computer is almost strictly for your business), you do have to list it as an item of depreciation. That means you have to write off a portion of it over the course of a few years instead of writing the entire cost off in one year.

Go ahead and take the deduction if the computer you bought is for the convenience of your employer (like if you need to use your computer for work), or if it's a requirement for your employment. Unfortunately, occasionally using your computer for work at home -- when it's not required -- isn't going to get you a write-off [source: IRS]. Of course, if you're self-employed and use your own computer for business, you can also write it off.