10 Ways to Make Money on the Side


Staff Special Events or Conventions

Trade conventions and special events are good opportunities for companies to market their products, and they usually need local people to do the work for them. That could be anything from attracting attention to a booth for a new cell phone at an electronics expo, to handing out samples of a new energy drink outside of a concert venue. Sometimes you may only have to wear a T-shirt for a company's product; other times you might be asked to dress in costume as a product's mascot. The pay is hourly. Staffing services let you post your resume, headshot and a physical description in their databases. You'll then be selected by companies running promotions on a case-by-case basis. The sponsors running the promotions use physical appearance as a key factor in picking their staff, so if the idea of getting a job based on your looks is unappealing, working with an event staffer may not be for you.