10 Things You Should Buy in Bulk

Toilet Paper and Paper Towels
You can save as much as 50 percent on paper towels and toilet paper when you buy them in bulk. Big Cheese Photo/Thinkstock

Toilet paper, paper towels and other paper products are among the most competitive product lines sold in the warehouse clubs. Chain grocery and department stores regularly have sales and offer coupons that approach the deals offered at the warehouses. So, to get the best value on big bulk purchases, shop around and wait for a good deal to come along. Depending on the sale and the store, bulk savings can approach 50 percent off regular prices [source: Wallet Pop, Consumer Reports].

Paper products are usually a pretty good bulk purchase, since they obviously never spoil or expire, and running out of them unexpectedly can be a big nuisance. But never having to run to the corner to buy a role of TP is only convenient if you have room to store your surplus. So, buy only amounts that you can comfortably accommodate.