10 Things You Should Buy in Bulk

Condoms usually last for years after manufacture, so they're not likely to go to waste. Photodisc/Thinkstock

For the sexually active, keeping a supply of condoms on hand is a good way to avoid embarrassing situations, like being forced to run out to the store in the heat of the moment. Another advantage to stocking up is saving money. Condoms can be expensive, but the more condoms you buy, the cheaper they usually are. For example, a recent price comparison revealed that a pack of three Trojan-Enz condoms sells at retail for about $5.99, or about $1.99 per condom [source: Walgreens.com]. A 36-pack of the same brand can be found on Amazon.com for only $11.95 or about 33 cents per condom [source: Amazon.com]. Costco sells a 40-pack for only $9.99 [source: Costco.com]. Condoms generally don't expire until four or five years after they are manufactured, so they likely won't go to waste [source: Trojan Condoms].

Read on for more information and tips on how to improve your shopping habits.

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