5 Tips for Buying Groceries in Bulk


Know What Not to Buy

If you don't have room to store 36 rolls of toilet paper, don't buy them.
If you don't have room to store 36 rolls of toilet paper, don't buy them.
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As we said, it all comes down to what you're going to use -- and what you have room to store. That 16-roll pack of paper towels isn't a good deal if you don't have anywhere to put it. Pay a little more for a three-pack that'll actually fit in your pantry.

Frozen foods are another area where would-be bulk buyers can get more than they bargained for. You'll squander your savings pretty quickly on a gigantic bag of frozen chicken that won't fit in your freezer. Remember, a good deal isn't a truly good deal unless you actually use the things you buy.

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