10 Things That Never Go on Sale

Designer jeans on sale? Maybe ... if you're lucky.
Designer jeans on sale? Maybe ... if you're lucky.
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There's nothing better than the feeling you get after saving money. These days, it isn't too difficult to do! Due to the poor economy, merchants are trying to capture our hard-earned dollar any way they possibly can, resulting in sales where retailers discount items by as much as 75 percent.

However, there are a few stubborn items and services out there that never seem to go on sale, like the ticket to see your favorite band perform at Madison Square Garden or the newest video game console your child wants for his birthday. Have you ever wondered why some products are always excluded from storewide sales? In many cases, the retailer has agreed to sell above a set price in exchange for permission to offer the product in a store, keeping it far away from the discount table. What's a girl to do?

Sometimes, it just doesn't pay to wait for an item to go on sale -- quite frankly, because it never will. To help you decide when to wait and when to buy, here are 10 things that never go on sale.