10 Great Deals That Usually Aren't

Tube TVs on sale? Wow, what a (not) great deal.
Tube TVs on sale? Wow, what a (not) great deal.
Zubin Shroff/Getty Images

Everyone loves a good deal. There's something immensely gratifying about finding that special item for an unbeatable price.

Despite the bright red tags and the assurance of a smiling sales associate, sometimes the deal just isn't as good as it's made out to be. Unscrupulous retail practices, scheming store managers and sketchy advertising mislead consumers into paying top dollar for supposedly discounted merchandise.

But you can relax your purse strings. We're going to reveal some of the most common great deals that are really just bad bargains. We'll explain how shipping charges may be spending your online savings and why membership discount programs almost always cost more than they're worth.

On the next page, we'll reveal the truth about one common promotional technique that's designed to trick consumers into buying multiple items at close to full price.