10 Tips to Save Money on TV and Internet Bills


Use Local WiFi

If you're using a wireless Internet connection, make sure your information is protected. See how in these wireless security videos.
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One surefire way to lower your Internet bill is to cancel your service, but that doesn't mean you have to give up Internet entirely. Instead, trade pricey Internet service for free WiFi by using your laptop, tablet or smartphone at locations that offer complimentary high-speed Internet.

Most coffee shops, libraries and airports, many hotel lobbies and some restaurants offer free WiFi. You can locate a WiFi hotspot near you by using online directories like WiFi Free Spot or Open WiFi Spots [source: Hunt]. Browsing the Internet at free hotspots can cut your television service bill, too, especially if you can use the connection to watch the shows you'd normally view on TV.

However, free WiFi does have its limitations. The connection may be slower than you're used to because so many others are connected to it. Also, you wouldn't want to do your online banking at Starbucks or transmit other personal information via public WiFi. Plus, you might spend more on coffee than you would have spent on your Internet bill in the first place.