10 Things That Never Go on Sale


Beauty Products and Services

Many women claim they can't live without a tube of lipstick, red nail polish and a classic haircut. Men may be surprised to learn how much money some women are willing to shell out for these items and salon services. In a lifetime, women spend thousands of dollars on beauty products and services. And in that lifetime, a woman is very unlikely to find cosmetics or a salon hair color treatment at a discounted fee. Sure, free makeup gifts can be found at every beauty counter in the mall, but if you have to buy a tube of mascara and a pressed powder compact to get the gift, is it really free?

For that matter, anyone can walk into a large chain retailer and buy low-cost shampoo or conditioner on sale, but for those who prefer salon-quality products, expect to pay full price. Salon services, like highlights and custom styling, also come at high prices that are almost never seen at discounted rates. If your roots are showing, or your bangs are constantly in your eyes, it doesn't pay for you to wait and see if these salon services will go on sale. Grab your cell phone and make an appointment with your favorite hair stylist as soon as you can.