10 Things That Never Go on Sale



So, your favorite band is coming to your town. When you looked up the ticket price online, you discovered that not only are the tickets expensive, but also several pesky processing fees are added to the total.

Concert tickets aren't the only ones that end up being extra-pricey right before you enter your credit card number. Whether you want to see Tiger Woods play golf at the Masters or watch the hockey team at your local arena, almost every sporting event ticket purchased online includes extra fees tacked on before checkout. While these tickets are almost never offered at a discount, you can buy them at the box office window to avoid additional processing charges.

Over the past several years, movie tickets have also skyrocketed in price, and the high cost of popcorn and a soda at the theater shows no signs of dropping. Our advice? Skip the snacks and hit up a flick after your dinner date, or go for the slightly less expensive afternoon matinee.