10 Things That Never Go on Sale



For the hundreds of thousands of people who depend on their cars to travel to work every day, the high price of gasoline can put a large dent in a monthly budget. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), gas prices rise considerably around Memorial Day and spike annually during popular tourist holidays, like the Fourth of July and Labor Day. Even though gas prices can take you on an unpleasant financial roller coaster ride over the course of a year, it's practically delusional to wait for a sale on gasoline.

As gas becomes more expensive, people tend to drive less and look for other modes of transportation to save money. However, when the price of gasoline is high, it's no surprise that the rising costs at the pump directly affect the price of airline tickets and bus and taxi fares. Airlines and public transit raise the price of their services to offset rising fuel costs, especially during the summer, when gasoline is more expensive. So, if you're depending on your car to get to work on time, or you need to buy a bus ticket to see your grandmother on her birthday, take our advice and don't wait around for a gasoline sale. As long as gas prices are high, we can guarantee you that other transportation fares will be high as well.

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