How United Way Works

Volunteering with United Way

Getting involved with your local United Way is a great opportunity to help shape your own community. You know the needs of your neighbors -- you live with them. What does your town or city really need? United Way can help you get it. You can do a zip code search for your local chapter on the United Way America Web site [source: UWA]. Once you've found your group, you can look through its work options to find a volunteering position that suits your needs and schedule.

The United Way America Web site lists 26 different ways to live "United." These volunteering instructions are broken into the three core categories of education, health and income, and can easily be done without formally joining the group [source: UWA].

United Way America also provides links to the following information about volunteering:

  • Volunteer Tools
  • Benefits of Volunteering
  • Tips for Volunteering
  • Volunteering as a Family
  • Youth and Volunteerism
  • Match Your Passion Quiz

[source: UWA]

Basically, the United Way wants you to have fun, so you should seriously consider what would make you happy and how much time you can devote to your chosen cause. United Way doesn't want you to feel like you are doing a job. Instead, the organization encourages you to find joy in giving back.

If the idea of partying in the Caribbean for spring break is getting a tad old, United Way has another option for you. Read on to learn about United Way's Alternative Spring Break program.