How United Way Works

United Way at Work in Local Communities

United Way organizations across the nation are busily working on local projects every day of the year. The results are phenomenal. Since there are so many different projects within each United Way organization, let's hone in on some specifics. Here are some examples of projects within local United Way groups:

  • United Way Houston - In 2007, United Way worked with partners on a transportation initiative to provide more services for elderly and disabled persons. It donated more than $200,000, which was matched by various organizations, finally raising more than $2.55 million for the project [source: UWH].
  • United Way of Greater Portland -- This Maine branch of United Way has a program called Language Access for New Americans (LANA), which provides an interpreter directory, medical and legal interpreter training, training for businesses and service providers, and a matching funds program for nonprofits [source: LANA].
  • United Way Central Iowa -- In Des Moines, United Way works with more than 300 at-risk students. It provides transitional after-school programs for five local middle schools. The organization works to help ease students into their freshman year of high school with positive influences and attitudes [source: UWCI].
  • Aloha United Way -- In Hawaii, United Way is dedicating more than $450,000 in 2009 to emergency and crisis funds. This money will be used to provide emergency food and shelter, prevent homelessness and help resolve crisis situations [source: AUW].

Building on the core goals of health, education and income, United Way organizations gather the people of a community to work together. To learn how you can get involved, read on to learn about volunteering with United Way.