5 Career Planning Tips

Know When to Hold (and When to Fold)

An integral part of your working life requires knowing whether to keep climbing the ladder -- or take your talents elsewhere.

Keeping your job or earning a promotion means becoming an indispensable employee. Volunteer to take on new responsibilities without overextending yourself. Show up earlier, leave later and make sure your boss notices the hard work you accomplish in the hours in between. Keep a running record of all your accomplishments, add to it every time you've solved a problem or met a goal at work, and call upon your achievements when you talk with your boss about a promotion.

You should also heed the signs that it's time to move on. Are you spinning your wheels on the same mundane projects while the best assignments consistently go to your coworkers? Is the company in poor financial shape with rumors of looming layoffs? Do you feel you are underpaid? Is the office culture rife with unethical behavior? Do you feel physically ill as a result of your job? Is it simply time for a change to rekindle your enthusiasm? If so, it's time to start a job search.

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