Unexpected Connections: 10 Oddest Economic Indicators

Sipping expensive Champagne often represents the good life; so much in fact, that Champagne sales accurately predict American household income for the following year. Fuse/Thinkstock

If you uncorked a lot of Champagne in the past year, you might be in for a raise (or you might just be a bartender who works a lot of weddings). According to research conducted by NPR's Planet Money team, consumption of Champagne in the U.S. can predict, with 90 percent accuracy, the average American household income a year later [source: Davidson].

The researchers tracked Champagne sales and average household income from 1996 through 2011 and found an alarmingly accurate trend. The line for inflation-adjusted household income perfectly tracked how much Champagne Americans downed the year before. The peak bubbly years were, not surprisingly, 1999 and 2007, right before the Internet and housing bubbles were about to burst.

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